Friday, 30 March 2012

Spring in Bradford?

There are two choices how us Labour activists should react to the George Gallaway result

1) hang our heads, wring our hands, and wail in despair
2) move on

Don’t know about you but whilst I have had plenty of practice at 1) finally at long last, after years playing this ridiculously unfair game of politics, when the rules change daily, as if you ever knew them in the first place, these days even after a hefty blow I find I can actually pick myself up again pretty fast. And looking at this ‘hefty blow’ rationally :

- it’s a mid term result, maybe we should have worried if we HAD won!
- being a seasoned politician I suspect either he went round saying ‘ex’ very quietly and ‘Labour’ at the top of his voice or he made himself out to be the innocent party and that Labour had maliciously accused him of wrongdoing before kicking him out of the party

So 2) it is, then. OK, have a bit of a wail first if you need to but for God’s sake don’t take too long over it!


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