Wednesday, 7 March 2012


There’s nothing wrong with the concept of the NHS – free health care for all. Even if it needs a radical overhaul there’s no reason why this cannot be done whilst keeping to that premise. Indeed, we must do so to ensure we avoid going backwards to pre 1948.

And there are those that might argue that no services are better run privately. Whilst I might not necessarily agree with this across the board I resoundingly support that mantra when it comes to health. Come to think of it, also when it comes to water, gas, electricity, buses, railways …

But I have noticed over the past couple of years more than ever before how the current government (or incompetent, inefficient, divisive & destructive set of bastards as I prefer to call them!) whether by design or accident have managed to divide & rule public & private sector workers. Notice how they used this tactic over pensions, constantly citing that people with private pensions were worse off – at best a red herring and at worst often not even true!

And it would be damn easy to fall into the same trap, only the other way round by stating ‘when it comes to health the private sector are only in it to make money’. That statement is true but you can’t blame the thousands of workers who are employed in that sector – most of them are just simply doing their job. Trouble is their job means they have to play by the rules, most important being ‘no results, no money’.

I've had two hearing tests recently, both carried out very competently & professionally. But the private sector supplier was required to try and sell me a hearing aid, whereas the NHS concentrated totally on helping with the problem, what would be best for me.

That's why it is absolutely vital the government's terrible health bill doesn't get through. In private hands, whether nice caring people or not, they are there to sell a service not provide one.


Not content with wanting to dismantle the NHS I hear today that they are intent on withdrawing funding from Remploy, the company who specialises in providing employment for people who have some form of disability.

So why is the government doing this? They say it’s because they want these people ‘integrated’ into the mainstream workforce. But I say that as it’s extremely unlikely that they would be able to get a job outside Remploy then this is a complete & utter lie to disguise yet another of the government’s despicable cuts!

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