Wednesday, 16 May 2018

This Tory UK Government ... The Divide & Rule Con

Classic example in the news at the moment, involving Thesesa May's bung to grammar schools while all the rest go without.  Of course this gets everyone arguing over the merits of grammar v comprehensives, when what we all should be talking about is how to provide the best education for ALL our children!


Saturday, 21 April 2018

This Tory UK Government ... The Bonus Con

I've just found some definitions for the word bonus such as: 'a sum of money added to a person's wages as a reward for good performance' and 'something extra beyond a stipulated payment'.  In every one they either clearly state or infer that a person needs to have done more than what would normally be expected in doing that particular task or job.

Whilst I still think CEOs of some companies are overpaid, I can concede that their role, together with the important decisions they have to make, is pivotal to the success of the company, and as such warrants a high salary. 

But, and it's a BIG BUT, surely to earn that pay they should perform at least sufficiently well to ensure the continued viability of the business, and so b) only get a bonus for going that bit extra - higher productivity, a more satisfied workforce etc.  Sadly some companies have other ideas ... 

Somehow Persimmon Homes managed to get through a bonus scheme linked to share values, such that in 2017 CEO Jeff Fairburn received a total of over £47million - a basic salary of £675,270, a bonus of £1.3 million, and the rest a share award of over £44m.  This year the total package was going to be over £100m until a share-holder backlash reduced it to £74m!

Forget the obscene shares payout (how DID that get agreed?!) but I ask you how can a company in any way, shape or form justify paying a bonus that is more than the salary, indeed DOUBLE???!!!

This is eye-wateringly beyond belief and totally unwarranted. 

And as for Carillion, there the CEOs still got bonuses even though the company was actually failing.  I wonder where they found the definition of 'bonus' for that?!

In August the media lauded Theresa May when she attacked firms who hand bosses excessive pay "as the unacceptable face of capitalism", and the Tories had promised in their manifesto that executive pay should be approved by an annual vote of shareholders.  But since then it has been much more quietly made known that they've watered these proposals down - oh what a surprise!


Sunday, 25 March 2018

This Tory UK Government ... The Disabled Con

One of the worst aspects of austerity is how the Tory government has used it to turn people against the disabled, conning many into believing like all others on benefits they must be scroungers.  And while that's bad enough they also get assessed whether or not they are fit for work, even those suffering from conditions that will only get worse. 

This isn't done by the person's doctor, who surely knows best about their disability, but by a profit making overseas company, apparently far more interested in money than making the right assessment, as shown by all their overturned decisions.  A bit late for the many who once pronounced fit for work have then died in the following 12 months!


Saturday, 24 February 2018

This Tory UK Government ... The Railways Con

The East Coast line was in public ownership and everything I have read confirms it did far better than when run by a private franchisee.  Yet rules are rules and so Chris Grayling dutifully returns it to Virgin & Stagecoach only for them to say them need a massive bung out of taxpayers ie OUR money in order to run it at a sufficient profit. 

Surely I'm right in saying that if this any other private business they would have gone bust so will the minister for Transport now make the economically sound business decision and give it back into the hands of the public one more?   Boy, do I hope so!


Tuesday, 16 January 2018

This Tory UK Government ... The Special Con Relationship

Since his election, which he 'won' despite not gaining as many votes as Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump has shown himself to be totally inappropriate as US President.  Sadly there are still plenty who think he's 'brilliant' (yesterday's Daily Mirror) but I believe that by retweeting messages of hate we now have actual irrefutable evidence that he simply not a fit and proper person to continue being POTUS. 

Whilst DT has cancelled his planned visit re opening new American Embassy, I suspect he will be still turn up sooner or later.  And if he does I echo comments that I've read somewhere, and probably agreed by thousands of others, that we line the streets with our backs turned, in silent protest, but also have placards facing him saying 'We don't need your hatred here'.

Hope not Hate


This Tory UK Government ... The Con Trickery

I've just read through the blog I did back in January 2016.  I rather foolishly stated that I was going to restart doing this particular blog!  No promises this time, I'll just get on with it and hopefully do a monthly post.

My main aim is to expose the Tories ...

Don't know how many will read this but if each one shares my thoughts then maybe others will realise that this current Tory UK government's actions are the most cruel, unfair, and in many cases, downright wrong, in living memory.  They are the epitome of a two tier Britain -

the wealthy 'haves' who have all the perks that money can buy

the far from wealthy 'have nots' expected to put up with existing rather than live life to the full

They have spent the last 8 years doing their utmost to persuade us all - and in some respects making people too afraid to do otherwise - that we must look after number 1, and it's just tough if anyone else is down on their luck.  

BTW I don't think all Tories are bad just all the Tories in the government!

So as I promised in my last (2 years ago!) blog from now on I will keep repeating ...

But having said all the above I will occasionally comment on something or someone else, and indeed will start with Donald Trump ...


Sunday, 24 January 2016


For a long time now I haven't had the heart to do a political blog - so much wrong just where do you start!  Well I've had a slight 'eureka' moment and managed to get it all in one phrase ...

... we care, they don't.

The Tories, that is.  "What all of them?!"  To be fair, no.  But that's another thing because on the whole ...

... we play fair, they don't.

I could easily say 'all Tories' but I know that's not true, yet they would say 'all Labour'.  And they will happily stab us in the back whereas we will look them in the face.  Another example cam up in the great speech given by Dame Dawn Primarolo last night here in Swansea.  She gave a long list of Labour successes, all of which have made things fairer for everyone.  The Tories, or at least the Tory cabinet (being fair!) - just want things loaded in their favour.

So how come they got re-elected?  Let's face it they were only in power for the preceding five years by being propped up by those power hungry LibDems who sold out all their voters in doing so.  Lots of theories of course but I reckon that it was because on the whole ...

... we were honest, they lied.

And as always we had not one but both hands tied behind our backs, with nowhere near enough money to counteract the millions they could easily afford to pour into their campaign, and a mainly right wing media.  We were trying to tell the truth but not loudly enough, and worse still even the left wing press kept on criticising Ed Miliband instead of quashing the lies spouted about the credit crunch. 

And over the last dreadful 6+ years there are plenty more differences that have been made clear. Whilst not pretending that we are perfect (playing fair again!) I believe that whilst ...

... we try to unite, they divide

... we look to provide, they deprive

... we will take the blame where it's due, they don't

... we aim to represent everyone, they just look after themselves and their own.

Which brings me back to my new slogan.  I'm going to start using this everywhere I can - on flyers, the doorstep, leaflets, in my letters to the Evening Post, in meetings etc etc.  I hate to admit this but I've learnt this idea from the Tories.  With them it's 'tell a lie often enough and people will believe it'.  Well, I'm taking the higher ground because with me it will be the truth, so tweaking the phrase I started with ...

                                THEY DON'T CARE, BUT WE DO!