Saturday, 24 February 2018

This Tory UK Government ... The Railways Con

The East Coast line was in public ownership and everything I have read confirms it did far better than when run by a private franchisee.  Yet rules are rules and so Chris Grayling dutifully returns it to Virgin & Stagecoach only for them to say them need a massive bung out of taxpayers ie OUR money in order to run it at a sufficient profit. 

Surely I'm right in saying that if this any other private business they would have gone bust so will the minister for Transport now make the economically sound business decision and give it back into the hands of the public one more?   Boy, do I hope so!


Tuesday, 16 January 2018

This Tory UK Government ... The Special Con Relationship

Since his election, which he 'won' despite not gaining as many votes as Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump has shown himself to be totally inappropriate as US President.  Sadly there are still plenty who think he's 'brilliant' (yesterday's Daily Mirror) but I believe that by retweeting messages of hate we now have actual irrefutable evidence that he simply not a fit and proper person to continue being POTUS. 

Whilst DT has cancelled his planned visit re opening new American Embassy, I suspect he will be still turn up sooner or later.  And if he does I echo comments that I've read somewhere, and probably agreed by thousands of others, that we line the streets with our backs turned, in silent protest, but also have placards facing him saying 'We don't need your hatred here'.

Hope not Hate


This Tory UK Government ... The Con Trickery

I've just read through the blog I did back in January 2016.  I rather foolishly stated that I was going to restart doing this particular blog!  No promises this time, I'll just get on with it and hopefully do a monthly post.

My main aim is to expose the Tories ...

Don't know how many will read this but if each one shares my thoughts then maybe others will realise that this current Tory UK government's actions are the most cruel, unfair, and in many cases, downright wrong, in living memory.  They are the epitome of a two tier Britain -

the wealthy 'haves' who have all the perks that money can buy

the far from wealthy 'have nots' expected to put up with existing rather than live life to the full

They have spent the last 8 years doing their utmost to persuade us all - and in some respects making people too afraid to do otherwise - that we must look after number 1, and it's just tough if anyone else is down on their luck.  

BTW I don't think all Tories are bad just all the Tories in the government!

So as I promised in my last (2 years ago!) blog from now on I will keep repeating ...

But having said all the above I will occasionally comment on something or someone else, and indeed will start with Donald Trump ...


Sunday, 24 January 2016


For a long time now I haven't had the heart to do a political blog - so much wrong just where do you start!  Well I've had a slight 'eureka' moment and managed to get it all in one phrase ...

... we care, they don't.

The Tories, that is.  "What all of them?!"  To be fair, no.  But that's another thing because on the whole ...

... we play fair, they don't.

I could easily say 'all Tories' but I know that's not true, yet they would say 'all Labour'.  And they will happily stab us in the back whereas we will look them in the face.  Another example cam up in the great speech given by Dame Dawn Primarolo last night here in Swansea.  She gave a long list of Labour successes, all of which have made things fairer for everyone.  The Tories, or at least the Tory cabinet (being fair!) - just want things loaded in their favour.

So how come they got re-elected?  Let's face it they were only in power for the preceding five years by being propped up by those power hungry LibDems who sold out all their voters in doing so.  Lots of theories of course but I reckon that it was because on the whole ...

... we were honest, they lied.

And as always we had not one but both hands tied behind our backs, with nowhere near enough money to counteract the millions they could easily afford to pour into their campaign, and a mainly right wing media.  We were trying to tell the truth but not loudly enough, and worse still even the left wing press kept on criticising Ed Miliband instead of quashing the lies spouted about the credit crunch. 

And over the last dreadful 6+ years there are plenty more differences that have been made clear. Whilst not pretending that we are perfect (playing fair again!) I believe that whilst ...

... we try to unite, they divide

... we look to provide, they deprive

... we will take the blame where it's due, they don't

... we aim to represent everyone, they just look after themselves and their own.

Which brings me back to my new slogan.  I'm going to start using this everywhere I can - on flyers, the doorstep, leaflets, in my letters to the Evening Post, in meetings etc etc.  I hate to admit this but I've learnt this idea from the Tories.  With them it's 'tell a lie often enough and people will believe it'.  Well, I'm taking the higher ground because with me it will be the truth, so tweaking the phrase I started with ...

                                THEY DON'T CARE, BUT WE DO!


Friday, 20 February 2015

Not 1, not 2, but 3 Bites of the Political Cherry!

It's been a while since I did a 'bite of politics' but I now seem to have caught a hefty dose of General Electionitis.  So here goes with 3 'bites' all at once ...

Bite 1

I hated Thatcher but I not sure I feel anything for Cameron.  It's not so simple with him.  Whereas she had a relatively humble upbringing and totally betrayed her roots, Cameron was born with a very expensive silver spoon in his mouth and has only ever known wealth and all the ease and comfort that comes with it.
But I do hate what he is doing, and that he either hasn't listened or taken notice of what the UK is telling him.  But then he's surrounded by more of the same and they are not simply capitalists, they have moved even further right, behaving as though wealth gives them automatic rights.
For much of the last 4+ years what they have done and the propaganda they have spread has been simply wicked, using stereotypes and making generalisations to con many of the electorate into vilifying the disabled and the less well off.  Maybe, just maybe, they have blown it now we know that their indecently wealthy donors are able to squander £1000s on a banquet, and donate yet more millions to put in their election pot.

Bite 2
"The politics of jealousy/envy" is one of those really obnoxious phrases that's used all too often by wealthy Tories to deflect any criticism they receive. 
What they ignore is that the vast majority of people in Britain simply want a decent home, enough food for themselves and their family, some play as well as work, and just rewards for hard work.  Only fair isn't it?

Bite 3
Eddie Izzard did a brilliant sketch some years ago, all the more so because of how true it was.  He recognised that extremism, regardless whether it's far left or far right is equally as bad.
So I have decided we need to stop giving terrorists a name - it gives them unearned credence, even respect, when it makes no difference what the cause is.  Extremism is simply bad, and extremists are simply bad people.


Thursday, 21 August 2014

Poor v Rich

Have you noticed how some words denigrate those who are worse off?   'Poor' is often used to mean 'not as good' eg 'poor results', 'poor timekeeping', 'poor at their job' etc. 

As if it's not bad enough having so little to spend that the choice is often between eat or heat.

As if it's not bad enough that the mostly right wing media is currently doing it's damnedest to convince everyone else that those on benefits are 'all lazy scroungers'.

As if it's not bad enough being continually insulted by well off hypocrites with comments like 'frittering away your benefits on fags & booze' whilst they of course do just the same with their money on expensive clothes, cars & houses.

As if it's not bad enough being taken advantage of by loan sharks - legal as well as illegal - who know you are so desperate for money to feed your family that you cannot see further than the supposed 'friendly' face at the door or on the website.  They offer help and make it so easy 'you'd be a fool not to accept it'.   But of course this apparent 'solution' is only short term which quickly spirals downwards into a horrible long term nightmare.

On the other hand the word 'rich' does the opposite such as 'has a richly rewarding life', 'enjoys rich food', 'his award is richly deserved'.  Well lets turn this round and condemn some of the 'rich' ...

those who squirrel their money away offshore to avoid paying tax in the UK

those who award themselves ludicrous bonuses when the company itself has made a loss and making people redundant

those who are so greedy that even though they have money coming out of their ears still go on to commit fraud and sadly all too often don't get caught

those who get knighted and for what, well just being rich it seems to me!

PS What's the difference between a Loan Shark and a real shark?  One is a nasty creature which will 'bite off your hand' if you are unfortunate enough to get too close, whilst the other is a much maligned animal that swims the ocean which will also bite your hand off but only if you are dumb enough to get too close!


Saturday, 3 May 2014

Always two ways of looking at it

There have been two TV programmes over the past few months which have highlighted the situation for many on low incomes and/or benefits, namely Benefits Street and Dave, Loan Ranger.

Sadly as is so often the case, the producers of the former have reduced it into the usual lowest common denominator reality TV fodder, ending up simply vilifying those on benefits.  As if we haven’t got enough of the media already trying to con us all into believing the worst of anyone in receipt of welfare. 

Not surprisingly those who agreed to appear on it feel pretty aggrieved at how they have been portrayed.  But what makes me so angry is that this gives such an atrociously skewed view of those out of work.  The truth is that the vast majority do NOT WANT to be on benefits, but DO WANT to be in work providing for their families.

In total contrast the latter has actually shown that trusting people can pay off.  People in low paid work, as well as on benefits, often need a loan to tide them over.  The eponymous Dave risked £25000 of his own money lending it to them at a reasonable rate of interest instead of them having to use loan sharks or payday lenders.  In effect what Dave is doing is his one-man equivalent to a credit union – people helping people not taking advantage of them. 

And guess what?  They all paid him back!