Monday, 14 May 2012

‘56 up’, or down again?

This evening at 9pm ITV1 are showing a program called “56 up” which continues to follow a group of people all aged 56, a series which began in 1964 when they were all 7.  One of the group apparently made comments in the early 80’s criticising the “crippling public sector cuts”.

Oh how history repeats itself! 

I understand people have different political viewpoints as to how to solve the financial crisis, and whilst I don’t agree with them I accept that there are those that blame the last Labour government.  What I cannot understand – more than that it is totally beyond my comprehension – is that this government keeps making out their solution is the only way.  To name but a few contradictions they say

‘must claw back the deficit’ but they give back money to millionaires

‘thousands of job losses are inevitable’ but this costs more in benefit payments, retraining and the money needed to recreate jobs

‘huge cutbacks in the number of police are manageable’ but lack of opportunities leads to more unrest which will need more police

So regardless of the fact that I am totally opposed to what they are doing IT DOESN’T EVEN MAKE ANY SENSE!


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