Thursday, 8 December 2011

Hope not Hate - The Future

I have been a part of this movement for some time now and am pleased to see how much it has achieved.

Not long ago it asked all its supporters whether it needed to carry on. I felt strongly that it should continue its good work as sadly prejudicial hatred never disappears altogether. All it does is go to ground then at a later date it will come to the surface again, so I’m very glad that the organisation is carrying on the fight.

In their current report Hope not Hate mention a ‘new’ threat. It’s not really new at all but it’s surfacing now more than it has for a long time. As Hope not Hate have pointed out there is a clear connection between economic insecurity and pessimism with suspicion & hatred of outsiders.

These are awful times of increased hardship, especially affecting those who are not particularly well off in the first place. And of course the situation is being made far worse by the callous care-less attitude of the government, who are making the rest of us pay for the mistakes made by the bankers, and taking no action to curb the continued greed of them & other company fatcats.

But sometimes ordinary people get confused as to who really is the enemy, and there’s nothing more those who want to lord over us love to see than infighting. They will use scaremongering tactics, often based on little or no facts, designed to whip up suspicion between neighbours, workers, and even families & friends.

We must work together, regardless of race, religeon, skin colour, sexual tendency, tall or fat, lived here for years or just moved here, and not allow those others to drive a wedge between us. As someone once said “divided we fall but united we stand".


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