Tuesday, 16 January 2018

This Tory UK Government ... The Con Trickery

I've just read through the blog I did back in January 2016.  I rather foolishly stated that I was going to restart doing this particular blog!  No promises this time, I'll just get on with it and hopefully do a monthly post.

My main aim is to expose the Tories ...

Don't know how many will read this but if each one shares my thoughts then maybe others will realise that this current Tory UK government's actions are the most cruel, unfair, and in many cases, downright wrong, in living memory.  They are the epitome of a two tier Britain -

the wealthy 'haves' who have all the perks that money can buy

the far from wealthy 'have nots' expected to put up with existing rather than live life to the full

They have spent the last 8 years doing their utmost to persuade us all - and in some respects making people too afraid to do otherwise - that we must look after number 1, and it's just tough if anyone else is down on their luck.  

BTW I don't think all Tories are bad just all the Tories in the government!

So as I promised in my last (2 years ago!) blog from now on I will keep repeating ...

But having said all the above I will occasionally comment on something or someone else, and indeed will start with Donald Trump ...


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