Tuesday, 16 January 2018

This Tory UK Government ... The Special Con Relationship

Since his election, which he 'won' despite not gaining as many votes as Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump has shown himself to be totally inappropriate as US President.  Sadly there are still plenty who think he's 'brilliant' (yesterday's Daily Mirror) but I believe that by retweeting messages of hate we now have actual irrefutable evidence that he simply not a fit and proper person to continue being POTUS. 

Whilst DT has cancelled his planned visit re opening new American Embassy, I suspect he will be still turn up sooner or later.  And if he does I echo comments that I've read somewhere, and probably agreed by thousands of others, that we line the streets with our backs turned, in silent protest, but also have placards facing him saying 'We don't need your hatred here'.

Hope not Hate


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