Sunday, 24 January 2016


For a long time now I haven't had the heart to do a political blog - so much wrong just where do you start!  Well I've had a slight 'eureka' moment and managed to get it all in one phrase ...

... we care, they don't.

The Tories, that is.  "What all of them?!"  To be fair, no.  But that's another thing because on the whole ...

... we play fair, they don't.

I could easily say 'all Tories' but I know that's not true, yet they would say 'all Labour'.  And they will happily stab us in the back whereas we will look them in the face.  Another example cam up in the great speech given by Dame Dawn Primarolo last night here in Swansea.  She gave a long list of Labour successes, all of which have made things fairer for everyone.  The Tories, or at least the Tory cabinet (being fair!) - just want things loaded in their favour.

So how come they got re-elected?  Let's face it they were only in power for the preceding five years by being propped up by those power hungry LibDems who sold out all their voters in doing so.  Lots of theories of course but I reckon that it was because on the whole ...

... we were honest, they lied.

And as always we had not one but both hands tied behind our backs, with nowhere near enough money to counteract the millions they could easily afford to pour into their campaign, and a mainly right wing media.  We were trying to tell the truth but not loudly enough, and worse still even the left wing press kept on criticising Ed Miliband instead of quashing the lies spouted about the credit crunch. 

And over the last dreadful 6+ years there are plenty more differences that have been made clear. Whilst not pretending that we are perfect (playing fair again!) I believe that whilst ...

... we try to unite, they divide

... we look to provide, they deprive

... we will take the blame where it's due, they don't

... we aim to represent everyone, they just look after themselves and their own.

Which brings me back to my new slogan.  I'm going to start using this everywhere I can - on flyers, the doorstep, leaflets, in my letters to the Evening Post, in meetings etc etc.  I hate to admit this but I've learnt this idea from the Tories.  With them it's 'tell a lie often enough and people will believe it'.  Well, I'm taking the higher ground because with me it will be the truth, so tweaking the phrase I started with ...

                                THEY DON'T CARE, BUT WE DO!


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