Friday, 20 February 2015

Not 1, not 2, but 3 Bites of the Political Cherry!

It's been a while since I did a 'bite of politics' but I now seem to have caught a hefty dose of General Electionitis.  So here goes with 3 'bites' all at once ...

Bite 1

I hated Thatcher but I not sure I feel anything for Cameron.  It's not so simple with him.  Whereas she had a relatively humble upbringing and totally betrayed her roots, Cameron was born with a very expensive silver spoon in his mouth and has only ever known wealth and all the ease and comfort that comes with it.
But I do hate what he is doing, and that he either hasn't listened or taken notice of what the UK is telling him.  But then he's surrounded by more of the same and they are not simply capitalists, they have moved even further right, behaving as though wealth gives them automatic rights.
For much of the last 4+ years what they have done and the propaganda they have spread has been simply wicked, using stereotypes and making generalisations to con many of the electorate into vilifying the disabled and the less well off.  Maybe, just maybe, they have blown it now we know that their indecently wealthy donors are able to squander £1000s on a banquet, and donate yet more millions to put in their election pot.

Bite 2
"The politics of jealousy/envy" is one of those really obnoxious phrases that's used all too often by wealthy Tories to deflect any criticism they receive. 
What they ignore is that the vast majority of people in Britain simply want a decent home, enough food for themselves and their family, some play as well as work, and just rewards for hard work.  Only fair isn't it?

Bite 3
Eddie Izzard did a brilliant sketch some years ago, all the more so because of how true it was.  He recognised that extremism, regardless whether it's far left or far right is equally as bad.
So I have decided we need to stop giving terrorists a name - it gives them unearned credence, even respect, when it makes no difference what the cause is.  Extremism is simply bad, and extremists are simply bad people.


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