Tuesday, 29 October 2013

HOGGOF – Have one gripe, get one free ; The Sequel

When is a solution not a solution?

My first gripe is continuing the theme of a previous blog on why you shouldn’t do something because it only works on one level but not on another.  Confused?  Let me explain …

Apparently 200 elderly (today's Daily Mirror) will die of cold each day this winter – that’s nearly 75000!  The cynic in me (which grows daily) reckons that this ConDem government are quite satisfied with this as it will go some way to solving the rising age population. 

So back to my point – you don’t solve this problem by in effect killing people.  On paper it works, but in reality it is totally utterly completely awfully & morally WRONG!

And secondly …

Who on earth picked this Sue Lewis, (again today's Daily Mirror) new lead of Financial Services Consumer Panel?!  Obviously somebody who was having an off day, or someone just as totally blinkered as she is when it comes to Payday Loan companies.  Up to a point, when she likens a payday loan to using a credit card , I can see where she is coming from, as there are a few people who are able to use them like this.  But it’s only a few.  Lets’ be clear here – if it weren’t for the thousands who get dragged into rollover loans, and get into deeper and deeper debt, the likes of ****a wouldn’t make any money.  The ConDems austerity measures have led directly to the boom in ‘business’ for these companies as they are allowed to benefit out of the misfortune of others.  They are there solely to make shedloads of money.

Credit Unions, on the other hand, are there – in providing loans at decent rates, with no hidden costs, no tie-in to rollover loans, and free life insurance – solely to help people help each other.
‘So what’s the catch’
I hear you ask?  
Well, they don’t turn round and give you the money straight away.  Instead they help you check that you have done your sums right and can afford the loan repayments so you don’t get into debt. 
Not really a catch, then.
‘There must be something’ you continue.  ‘What else?’ 
Oh yes, they also help you to save money by insisting you pay money in on a regular basis, like £1 (yes that’s right) a week.  The idea is that in future you wont need to go elsewhere and take on loans at extortionate rates of interest, and rack up horrendous debt. 
So that’s not really a catch either. 
‘So just why are they doing all this for me?’ 
Simple, because you are also doing the same for them. 

Think about it!


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