Saturday, 14 September 2013

HOGGOF (Have one gripe, get one free!)

First gripe ... maybe it’s naive of me but I do find it very disappointing that the Lib Dems have to tell lies in their Focus leaflets.  So I’ve been asking myself why.
Unfortunately once something is stated as a fact very few will ever know that it’s not true, and if you try to challenge it, you often come across as being petty and unconvincing!  This kind of thing happens everywhere, where ‘you’ are actually in the right and ‘they’ are in the wrong.  Like when a kid bullies another but if they try and fight back they usually get told off as well as.  And the newspaper that prints a misleading and defamatory headline on the front page, with an apology next day if you’re lucky, on page 96 in very small letters. 
So very unfair – but so very common.  At least I have answered my question – the Lib Dems do it because like everyone else they can! 

Second gripe ... more on an observation really (and one that I you might not like!) but I actually believe there are some decent Tories, even rich ones – I just don’t agree with their politics.  But – and this is a big, Huge, MASSIVE But – they are certainly few and far between, and most definitely extinct from the UK cabinet!


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  1. Facts are never untrue.
    The following sentence is True. The preceding sentence is False.