Saturday, 14 December 2013

Rich beyond Money

It’s Christmas time and far too many families are having to rely on foodbanks to get them through, because they are having to choose between two necessities – food or warmth.  As if this isn’t bad enough they are labelled with the word ‘poor’.

In the Evening Post tonight there’s an article which is headed ‘poor take-up of flu jabs’ and children who are not good at exams are sometimes reported as being ‘poor achievers’.  I’m sure there are plenty more examples that I could come up with but you get the picture.

So I want to start a campaign to stop using the word ‘poor’ when describing those who don’t have much money.  My Dad never did but he was one of the ‘richest’ men I’ve ever met – great talent just never got paid for it.  

We have to end this awful trait of automatically aligning monetary wealth with worthiness.  And if you need proof as to why, just look at the cabinet!


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  1. The same can be said of someone 'earning' £1m+ when, in reality, they are paid an amount way in excess of what they are worth.
    I assume that you are writing about Cameron's Cabinet.