Monday, 1 April 2013

Like Mother Like Son

What a black day for politics.

Today Robbing Hoodies Cameron & Osborne impose the Bedroom Tax, where thousands of council & housing association tenants will have their housing benefit reduced for apparently having at least one ‘spare’ bedroom.  I say ‘apparently’ as many have a valid use for their ‘spare’ which this miserable government have failed to take into account.

Over the last year or more the ConDem government have been playing the divide & rule con trick inferring that those on benefits are workshy ‘skivers’. They have particularly aimed this at other families who are not entitled to anything themselves yet are also going through hard times.  And what a very clever trick it is too, as of course there are those who do cheat the system, which the newspaper always delight in reminding us. 

But this trick is also wickedly unjust.

For every benefit fraudster there are THOUSANDS who only survive because of the state help they get.  They would like to work but as we all know there are simply not enough jobs – don’t forget this ConDem government got rid of loads wrongly assuming the private sector would be able to replace them.  And of course there are all those who are physically unable to be in paid employment, despite the efforts of the French company ATOS to declare people fit to work – these decisions have been successfully challenged nearly every time but unfortunately not before the person’s health has deteriorated even more.

This blog has been by far the most difficult I have ever written.  I cannot adequately put into words the anger & despair I really feel on behalf of those who through no fault of their own will be suffering even more from today.  Before too long there will be blood on the hands of Cameron & Osborne because many will NOT be able to survive any longer.

Cameron once said “we are all in this together”.  For sure God knows we are not!


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