Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Austerity can work?

Read this article the other week which suggested that austerity can work if you stick to it.  But of course just because something works it doesn’t mean to say that it is the best option.

For example …

You’ve got a raging toothache that just wont budge.  It would certainly work but I’m pretty sure you would look for an alternative to getting your head chopped off.

Or you don’t like the house you live in.  It’s one answer but also extremely unlikely you’d bulldoze it to the ground and build a new one, rather than just moving to one you did like.

Or you are really struggling to save money.  Again it’s a solution but I doubt you would get rid of a kid or two to achieve this.

These are perhaps somewhat extreme but I think you get my drift.


PS I noticed that, surprise surprise, the bunch of hypocrites quoted in the article didn’t actually mention who would be on the austerity receiving end …

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