Saturday, 2 July 2011

Double Pensions Whammy

As I haven’t done anything on this blog for a while (and assuming some of you missed me!) thought I’d do a double whammy on pensions …

Following the Bully Boys’ mantra on public sector pensions some other ghastly Tory was going on the other day comparing them with the private sector. Needless to say he was arguing that the proposed changes are ‘fair as public sector get a far better deal than those paying into private pensions’. In that case improve the pensions that the private sector get ie get the fat cat employers to contribute more (anything!), not reduce those that people have worked hard most of their lives
(if you want to know why have a picture of these 'two', you'll just have to read to the end!)

And then there is the question of men & women retiring at the same age. I do agree with but I cannot see why the Tories have speeded up the timescale which means that thousands of women – many low paid, many struggling to carry on but do so because they could see the end of the road – will have to wait up to another TWO YEARS befo
re getting their state pension. By now the vast majority of these women will have paid more than enough into these schemes so basically this government is ROBBING THEM! Yes, I admit I'm one of them but then I've finally found a career I enjoy and will carry on doing for as long as I can, but I feel very angry on behalf of those so not lucky.

I have said this more than once but the only
way these, and all the other disastrous Tory measures, are overturned is by getting rid of this shower. But I just feel so wretched that even if this happened tomorrow it will be too late for the businesses who will have gone under, the workers who will have lost their jobs, the schools, libraries & other civic ammenities that will have been closed, and the communities & families whose lives will be wrecked.

So I will end with my new (but p
robably not original!) tag line ...

It just isn’t fair, but then they don’t care!


PS Another glimmer of hope? Governments like this one are often brought down by a side issue and mayby, just maybe, the 'brothers' Iain Duncan Smith might have sunk the ship with his 'British Workers for British Jobs'. Before he said this only most people were against them but I think/hope that this just about alienates all of them!

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