Friday, 29 July 2011

Swansea and the City Centre – the way forward

I have been involved over the last couple of months in assessing Swansea – the city in general and what it has to offer, through comments made on a Linked-in discussion, and the city centre in particular. The former has been almost all positive, with virtually everyone saying Swansea has so much to offer, and that as long as we positively address any negatives these can be overcome. So what about the latter?

Well, I get the impression from my involvement with the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) that there has also been a lot of positive talk since the issues in the city centre have been highlighted. So it is very frustrating when you read the articles in the Evening Post which don’t say this.

The most recent one from Monday 18th July just dwelt on the antics that went on at the council meeting. Yes, it is annoying that councillors from different parties can end up just point scoring & finger pointing – this has been happening for centuries and will probably carry on for many more. But it would have been so refreshing if instead of reporting back on this the paper had mentioned the motion that whilst put forward by Labour virtually had all party agreement, and with a few amendments was carried. And that urgent measures would be, and since have been introduced, and relatively quickly, to try and help alleviate the problems traders are facing – fewer antisocial problems, free & cheaper parking fees around the High Street, traffic wardens applying a bit more leeway.

I suppose I must accept that newspapers will always be selective in what they choose to write, but I can at least wish that they leave in the important bits as well as the peripheral stuff that they obviously feel sells their papers.


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