Wednesday, 11 May 2011

United we Win, Divided we Don't!

I caught the latter part of the following conversation on the radio yesterday. One person pointed that disabled people will be amongst those hardest hit by the government’s cuts, using quite reasoned & well thought out arguments to put her case. When asked the other person disagreed and made disparaging remarks inferring that other charities would be making similar unwarranted claims over the summer. I immediately thought ‘typical Tory’ but he then went on to say the worst off would be the hundreds of thousands who will be out of a job.

Oh how David Cameron would laugh his head off to hear a perfect example of ‘divide & rule’! It doesn’t make any difference who will be the least, in between, or worst affected. What does matter is that millions of people will suffer genuine hardship because of what this government is imposing, now clearly (mis)lead by the Gruesome Twosome.

They are the only people who gain out of this facile kind of point scoring. It seems obvious to me that we must NOT fight amongst ourselves but must unite to fight them, and so get rid of this selfish, heartless, uncaring government AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!


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