Saturday, 7 May 2011

The morning after the night (and a bit of day) before

There are days when I hate politics! I go and stay up til 5 in the morning hoping to see the Gower result when BBC pulls the plug, and I was so looking forward to seeing the face of the person who came bottom!! But then that’s the media all over.

Seriously, maybe it's just me but have you noticed how TV especially doesn’t do political news. Instead they comment on what they want to report. I remember last year being really disappointed that they didn’t show Geraint getting Swansea West, then someone explained that they had expected him to lose, & when he didn't they simply weren’t interested. I know it’s probably pointless but one wonders if it’s worth telling them that it’s about time they gave us ALL the news not their selected tit bits!

As for the Welsh Assembly election results, I feel it’s been a day of ups & downs but on balance I think we have a lot to celebrate. Getting 31 seats was virtually impossible with the regional list system, and not only do we have 30 – personally I am really hoping Carwyn will hold his nerve and we go it alone – but we’re also 16 seats ahead of second place. And we comfortably won all three Swansea seats, Julie James getting in here in Swansea West, with the LibDem candidates only managing to do better than the BNP!


PS Who’s for leafleting this weekend?!

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