Saturday, 1 September 2012

Division & Hypocracy

I feel another bout of despair coming on …

Two e-mails I’ve received recently yet again show just how extremist & appallingly unfair this Tory led government is.  Despite Cameron himself saying that ‘inequality is at a record high’ it displays all the characteristics of a rich man’s club, as it seems to be doing all it can to widen the divide between their wealthy & healthy cronies, and the poor.

The first e-mail reinforced the ‘Club’ idea, referring to a site called, where you can see how much wealthy Tory supporters donate to their elite men-only clubs which then gets its way into Tory coffers.  Apparently £7500 is the maximum someone can donate to these private clubs.  No problem for them, and no doubt it doesn’t bother them in the slightest that there are people in Britain who don’t even earn that in a year!

The other e-mail is one you may have already seen, about the truly horrendous decisions that the French company ATOS are making when deciding whether a disabled person is fit for work.  These have often lead to worsening the health of the person under investigation, and in many cases leading to suicide.  But why would this government care when that just means less paid out in benefits which is of course the idea.  And I would like to know why we are paying a French company millions to do this when surely it would be fairer and cheaper to go with whatever the doctors have recommended with regard to anyone in receipt of a disability allowance or pension.  And why a French company at all?!  But what is truly beyond belief is that this company is sponsoring the Paralympics.  Sick or what?!!!


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