Tuesday, 3 July 2012

2 Points and a Pinch of Praise

Open letter to Daily Mirror columnist, Kevin Maguire 

Points first …

If Blair is so poisonous why give him any column inches?

And whilst I see some improvements I’d
like to see more plaudits for Ed please –
he’s slowly but surely emerging as good
PM material.

And wouldn’t it be nice to have someone
who’s perhaps a bit geeky looking, and
has a slightly awkward way of talking,
unlike the oil slick we currently have. 

And the pinch …

Thank you for finishing with that oh so succinct quote from Ed
“if you go out and nick £50 from Tesco you are punished; if you
fiddle lie and cheat millions of pounds then you should face the
full force of the law.”  Nuff said.


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