Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Your vote might count

I've just come across an a-political site which is hoping to get rid of the government. For what it’s worth I’ve added my vote and this comment :

“Cameron & Osbourne and the rest of their millionaire chums just have no conception whatsoever of the lives of real people.

They may be excused for this as they have never had to live in the real world. However what is inexcusable is their total denial in the face of so much evidence, from those who are on the receiving end to all the many respected financial experts, that their policies simply are NOT WORKING!

How dare they treat others in this way when they weren't even given a mandate to run, or should I say RUIN, the country.

How dare they continue to ignore the plight of millions of people.

How dare they continue to let off the banks, allow the utility companies to bleed people dry, to allow tax evaders to carry on as if nothing has happened etc etc

But is this all much more sinister, that they simply want to go back to what for them were the 'good old days', when the rich were powerful and could do as they liked, whilst the poor knew their place and were firmly kept there? Not only a frightening thought, but totally unacceptable, and the only way to make sure this doesn't happen is to get rid of this government!!”


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