Monday, 5 September 2011

A Open Letter to David Cameron

One comment the PM made after the riots struck me so much that I felt a blog coming on, hence this ...

"How dare you say that the recent riots are evidence that we live in a ‘sick society’!

Society isn’t sick – indeed when you read day in day out stories of people’s selfless courage, and the countless number who do so much for charity then you really are talking dangerous nonsense. But society, all of us, are getting desperate, so bloody desperate about these cuts, slated by numerous experts as being totally over the top. They need to be to be stopped and NOW!

Let’s take a rational rather than kneejerk look at what happened with the riots, and the possible causes. Your government has taken a sledgehammer approach to deal with the budget deficit. The awful knock-on effect is gradually trickling down and one group – one of many I might add – that this is having a devastating effect on is young people who see no hope for the future. Not surprisingly many are angry, and some of them decided to show it. With no real outlet for that anger it turned to rioting. I am NOT excusing them, just understanding the reason behind their actions. But let’s not forget that there will ALWAYS be those who take advantage of these situations. Yes, there were without doubt those who joined in with peaceful intentions but got carried away – the rest of us would be foolish not to deny that we might have done the same in those circumstances – but many of those involved in the looting and destruction will have included a hard core just there with the sole purpose of causing mayhem. And sad to say for the media there would be no story without them as all too often they just want a sensational headline.

But of course you haven’t got a clue what society really is because you don’t live in the real world like the rest of us, those that aren’t born to money. It’s you who should be given a tough jail sentence, for the criminal way you are treating thousands if not millions of the citizens in Britain. Whether you are a liar, have no common sense, or simply have no idea, whatever the reason for what you have said and done, there is no doubt that you are not fit to be an MP let alone Prime Minister. After all, you just haven’t got the right experience, the one called real life."


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