Saturday, 12 February 2011

What Straw Polls should really be asking

A recent poll asked who did people think would be better at bringing the national debt down. Not surprisingly the answer was Osborne, as this ConDem government keeps repeating that the cuts they are imposing are necessary to reduce the deficit. Interestingly they are not so explicit at telling the nation just how many millions will end up suffering the consequences.

In any case this is the wrong question. A far more pertinent one is to ask who do people think would be better at securing the long term financial future for all Britain’s families and I suspect you would get a different answer. Any decent economist will tell you not to pay of all your debt if it’s going to leave you penniless, but instead negotiate to repay the debt gradually so it impinges as little as possible on your living standards. But of course I was forgetting, Cameron & Co aren’t in debt themselves so what do they care!


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