Monday, 28 February 2011

Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ - on the cheap but at what cost?

Cameron is either living in cloud cuckoo land or is deliberately trying to widen the divide between rich & poor, to keep us ‘in our place’ by decimating the public sector. I suspect it’s a bit of both, but cynically I believe it’s more the latter than the former.

The idea of course is an absolute no hoper. There are not enough volunteers NOW so exactly where is he going to get all these other people to work for no money? The irony is that there are probably millions of people who would gladly do voluntary work but for one thing – they cannot afford to!

And the idea that the private sector will magically come up with jobs – on less pay no doubt – to take up the slack of job losses in the public sector is totally beyond belief. As a business owner myself I am all too aware of the problems facing other businesses – in particular not being able to get bank loans, and still far too much red tape generally. Far from bridging the gap a lot are going to go under themselves unless this ConDem government does something. No hope there, then!

PS Can someone tell me why bank bosses get bonuses? No-one
is ever going to give me one although I must admit when I worked for BT I got a briefcase for ‘being professional’. Does that count?!

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