Sunday, 30 January 2011

Cuts Bonanza

Roll up, Roll up, get your cuts 3 to 8 here … As you know I was drip feeding these but here’s a dollop of the many & terrible cuts that this heartless, uncaring & unfair ConDem government are implementing.

Maternity Grant – axed

Free travel for the elderly – axed by lots of council because of cuts to their budgets, and plans afoot to put back the age of getting a bus pass from 60 to 65

NHS – 24000 to lose their jobs; the affects are already being felt, as illustrated so distressingly by this example of a woman in her 70’s who has had one eye successfully operated on but cuts mean they cannot afford to do her other eye

Free swimming for young and elderly – to be axed

Charity Funding – two-thirds of charities say that their
local funding has been cut, many having to axe staff

School rebuilding projects – over 700 projects scrapped

And lets not forget that there are lots more to come, and more still in the proposal stage. God forbid that they succeed with them all as it will certainly result in the most disparate society not just in living memory but for centuries.


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