Friday, 10 December 2010

Too Legs Good (Miliband) Four Legs Bad (Cameron & Clegg)

Those of the party faithful on e-mail will have received one by now from our new leader, Ed, asking us for ‘fresh ideas’. Whilst I appreciate what he is trying to do, I have a slight problem with this because I believe that when we were in power we had plenty of good ‘not-so-fresh’ ideas but politicos, particularly the media, failed to mention them. They instead delighted – and still do – in talking about the Iraq War, Blair and Brown as if this sums up 13 years of Labour in power. And unfortunately we are still having to put up with story after story concerning our MPs either with the continuing expenses saga or more recently with former MP Phil Woollas, being found guilty of telling lies about a LibDem candidate. (That makes a change!) And of course what makes hearing these stories even more galling is not that they did wrong but that they, unlike many others I'm sure, got caught!

Looking at it from the other way, whilst in the past I have been very anti negative campaigning, I can see now that we have got to let people know what the opposition are doing wrong. And in this case it happens to be the dreadful (and quite possibly unnecessary) cuts that this coalition government is proposing. More than that, we must set the record straight in that if still in power we would not be consigning hundreds of thousands of people to the dole heap.

So my idea isn’t exactly fresh but quite simple – let’s tell everyone all the GOOD we did, at the same time as pointing out all the BAD that the ConDems are doing. After all, let’s face it, precious few others will!


PS I have another ’not-so-fresh’ idea – please can we get rid of the new colours of puky pink and ghastly green – bring back RED!!!

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