Sunday, 6 March 2011

How NOT to increase tourism in the UK

I read in yesterday’s Mirror that apparently if the government cut VAT on hotel rooms to 6.5% this would help create nearly quarter million new jobs over 5 years and so encourage more visitors to come here. And moves to change the clocks to ‘summertime’ all year round would bring us in line with Europe, which would also help tourism.

So what do these CrapDim bunch of morons do in their attempts to help the industry? Well, to be fair they do come up with something I support, that both St David’s Day & St George’s days should be a bank holiday in Wales & England respectively. Unfortunately they ruin it by suggesting swapping with the first bank holiday in May which we’ve had for centuries instead of the newer one near the end of the month. Plus they aren’t going to do anything about VAT even when Britain has just come bottom of 133 countries for price competitiveness, and they’ve scrapped the proposal for all year British Summer Time.

So they're incompetent as well as nasty - what a frightening combination!


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