Friday, 19 November 2010

How they DID get away with it!

The other week there were two very sensible calmly written letters in the Big Issue, against the cuts. I don’t know how they wrote them because I don’t feel calm or sensible when it comes to this subject. On the contrary I feel very very angry!

Leading up to the General Election in May this year, the Tories did the usual by blaming Labour for the deficit. They told everyone that it was all Gordon Brown’s fault for saving the banks whilst conveniently ‘forgetting’ to add that if the banks went under it would be OUR money that would be lost! But where I think they played a real blinder was by continually saying two other things – one half true and the other a downright lie.

The Lie – they convinced a lot of people that the deficit was very bad for the country and the only way to tackle it was through the drastic public expenditure cuts. But the truth is that there are countless gigantic holes in this argument, the most compelling of these being those put forward by economists who prove that there are other fairer ways of reducing it. But unfortunately this false message stuck.

The Half Truth – vote for change! Oh you’ll get that alright, from Labour’s, whilst not by any means faultless, at least fair approach, to the Tories ‘your pain, our gain’ style of politics. Half true because the well off would continue to be looked after whilst the poorer in society would end up being poorer still. But again they got away with this because they never made it clear exactly what ‘vote for change’ actually meant, just peddled false hope.

Has anything good come out of this? Well, in a way yes as the Tories are back behaving in the correct fashion, so at last it’s clear who we are fighting. And of course Nick Clegg has now shown his true colours – surely those who were taken in by him will not consider ever voting for the LibDems again!


PS I gather one of the councillors for Cockett, LibDem Cllr Bates-Hughes has also been coming out with the ‘it’s Brown’s fault for saving the banks’ so I presume she must keep all her money under the mattress!

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